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Recommending audiovisual content for use in public spaces

OBSERVE explores the use of a recommendation system for audiovisual content displayed in public spaces. Media companies are faced with the challenge of selecting content that is interesting and relevant to passers-by, yet re-usable to screen in different locations. Currently, audiovisual content is often pre-programmed in repetitive loops, ignoring the circumstances and the interests of the users. OBSERVE works on a new approach through 1) the use of high-quality interactive content, for which it aims to develop guidelines and best practices; and 2) the development of a context-sensitive content selection system. The role of the VU within OBSERVE will consist in the design of metadata models to describe context types, audiovisual content, and their relationship, and in assessing the potential of Linked Open Data to support the recommender and/or to enrich the audiovisual content.

A Recommender System for Audiovisual Content in Public Spaces

People Involved

Astrid van Aggelen


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