The following people make up the User Centric Data Science group

Jacco van Ossenbruggen
Full Professor

Jacco leads the User-centric Data Science research group. His research interests include assessment of data quality in large, heterogeneous research datasets in the digital humanities, large scale web data integration and linking in cultural heritage and other data rich domains.

Emma Beauxis-Aussalet
Assistant Professor

Emma is an assistant professor of ethical computing at VU.  With her multidisciplinary experience, she has been researching computational methods, statistics, user interfaces and data visualizations that enable transparent and controllable AI systems. Modelling and visualizing AI errors is one of her main research topics.

Maryam Alimardani
Associate Professor

I am an Associate Professor in the domains of brain-computer interfaces (BCI) and human-robot interaction (HRI). In my research, I use wearable sensors and AI models to deliver personalized interaction with technology, particularly for the purpose of adaptive training and learning.

Victor de Boer
Associate Professor

I am associate professor (UHD) of User-Centrid Data Science in the UCDS group and senior research fellow at Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. I am also co-director of the Cultural AI lab. I am interested in user-centric approaches to Knowledge Representation to tackle research challenges in Cultural Heritage, Digital Humanities and ICT for Development (ICT4D).

Tobias Kuhn
Assistant Professor

I am an assistant professor at VU University Amsterdam working on the semantic web, social systems, controlled natural languages, artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, and bioinformatics.

Elena Beretta

I am a post-doc researcher interested in ethics of AI.

Margherita Martorana
PhD candidate

I am a PhD student at the VU working in the ODISSEI project on the Portal and Distributed Learning team.

Ronald Siebes
Assistant Professor

Ronald is an Assistant Professor at the VU Amsterdam on various projects. I am currently spending most of my time within the Interconnect, ODISSEI and SSHOC-NL projects.

Go Sugimoto
PhD candidate

Researcher at UCDS, interested in Semantic Web and Linked Data for Cultural Heritage.

Roderick van der Weerdt
PhD candidate

I am a PhD candidate, working on Machine Learning for IOT knowledge graphs in the Interconnect project.

Sarah Binta Alam Shoilee
PhD candidate

I am a PhD candidate, investigating polyvocal knowledge representation for colonial cultural heritage.

Xueli Pan
PhD candidate

 I am a PhD candidate with a special focus on data quality of knowledge graphs.

Mirthe Dankloff
PhD candidate

PhD candidate at the Civic AI lab, focusing on bias modeling and explainable AI for non-discrimination and transparency within the public policy domain. Works in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

Johan Oomen

Johan Oomen works at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision as manager of the department Research and Heritage. He is also a researcher at the “User Centric Data Science” research group at VU University.

Shuai Wang
Shuai is a scientific engineer on the project “Building a FAIR Expertise Hub for the social sciences”. He is also working closely with researchers of the ODISSEI. His main job is to provide social scientists with the FAIR Implementation Profile (FIP), a collection of decisions and plans made by a community. He is also the department data steward.
Sebastiaan Berendsen
PhD candidate

Collaboration with Deloitte

Yung-Ting Tsou

Yung-Ting is the coordinator of the VU-UTwente joint research program Creating Smart Societies, facilitating the collaborations and new research lines formed between the two universities. She also works as a postdoc researcher at the Sociology department at VU, investigating children and adolescents’ attitudes towards diversity in different contexts, such as in school and VR museum.

Andrei Nesterov
PhD candidate (visiting)

Andrei is a PhD-student at Human-Centered Data Analytics group and a member of the Cultural AI Lab. He investigates how to bring out multiple perspectives about digital cultural heritage objects and represent them in transparent narrative forms with semantic web technologies and machine learning.

Associated people, former group members and guests include